Diving in Karpathos

a new world

Experience the thrill and adventure of scuba diving and snorkelling!

Explore the beauty of the sea world

Dive in some of the most spectacular dive sites in Greece!
Scuba diving in the crystal clear blue water that surrounds Karpathos Island is an unforgettable experience for the island visitor. After the change in the relative legislation in 2006, scuba diving is allowed throughout the island and the still virgin Karpathian Sea has a lot to offer to divers of every level.
Shallow reefs full of marine life, shipwrecks waiting to reveal their history, underwater cliffs and walls plunging into the deep blue that are frequently visited by rare marine mammals and other kind of pelagic species, caverns full of color and overhangs that the light creates impressive visual effects are just a few of what the underwater explorer of Karpathos can enjoy.
Karpathos diving center is organizing diving excursions for divers of every level as well as discover scuba diving programs for those who have no prior experience and decide to discover for the first time the endless blue magic.

Snorkelling trips

From summer 2024 there are snorkelling trips available for persons who want to have a fun day/afternoon with family or friends! The snorkelling trips are being tailored for each group  depending on their request. It is an excursion with Dino - who as a real karpathian know the best secrets and details about his motherland. Snorkelling gear is being provided and unforgattable experiences can be made. If needed we provide with life vests as well!

We operate with 2 boats:

Ranieri - italian made boat -  boat trips in the Pigadia Bay, visiting spectacular cave and snorkelling/swimming there, up to 4 poeple.

Alexandra - inflatable speedboat - boat trips to any destination on the East coast, up to 10 people.

Contact us for more details!

Diving Excursions

Crystal clear water with visibility in excess of 20m, marine life diversity, colorful caverns, deep walls, stunning reefs and wrecks. This is what the, still virgin, Karpathian Sea offers to its lucky visitors. No matter what your certification or experience level is, diving in Karpathos is going to be an unforgettable experience!
We dive at small groups (4-5 persons max) so that you enjoy your dives the most. Our daily schedule includes 2 dives with a relaxing surface interval between them in some of the most beautiful beaches in the island.

During high season months July, August and September there are organized also afternoon dives, depending on the demand.

Dive in some of the most spectacular dive sites in Greece and then relax and swim in a virgin beach or explore the remains of the pirate's houses and the wildlife.

Discover Scuba Diving

Always wondered how it feels to scuba dive? Now it's the time to find out through our Discover Scuba Diving program! Designed for non divers it's a fun and easy way to experience the thrill of scuba diving and the beauty of the underwater world. Complete the necessary theory briefing with one of our instructors and then head straight for your first scuba dive!

We are very dedicated to Discovery Scuba Diving Programs. It is one of our favorite programs to conduct. We love spreading the hype for diving amongs newbies. We highly recommend participating in 2 dives daily of the program as it gives the full experience.

Practice the required skills in shallow water under the supervision of our instructors and you are ready for your experience dive! Explore the underwater landscape, experience the crystal clear waters of Karpathos and get close and personal with various species of marine life. Enjoy a memorable day at the sea with your family and friends!

Recreational Diving Courses

Whether you just decided to learn how to scuba dive or you want to advance your diving education, Karpathos Diving Center is the place to do it! Our experienced instructors with more than a decade hands on experience in teaching scuba diving will get you through your training in a professional yet friendly way.
From PADI Scuba Diver Course up to Divemaster we offer all the courses in the PADI dive training curriculum. We will strive to ensure that you will get the best of our knowledge and experience so that you can safely and enjoyably explore the underwater world!

For the best results possible we keep the courses groups small and use the latest methods in divers training. EFR and specialty training also available like Deep Diver Speciality, Nitrox Speciality.

Got Questions?

For more information and to book a dive contact us or better yet meet us at Karpathos Diving Center.

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