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Technical diving courses

Do you feel ready to safely exceed you limits? Are you ready to accept the challenge? Does exploration level diving appeals to you?

If the answer in the above question is yes, then you are ready to progress in to the realm of technical diving.

Using specialised equipment and techniques and by carefully planning and executing your dive you can safely explore past the traditional recreational diving limits.

At Karpathos Diving Center you can start or continue your technical diver training with one of the PADI/DSAT TecRec courses.

Our performance based teaching philosophy allows our students to proceed through the course at their own learning pace and achieve true mastery on all the required skills, while at the same time through a student-mentor approach we provide you not only all the necessary theoretical knowledge but also the required mindset to safely develop as a capable and safe technical diver not just for your safety but for the safety of your future team divers too.

Whether you are interested in becoming a Tec diver or if you just want to vastly improve your knowledge and diving skills contact us and we will guide you through your diving evolution!

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