The virgin Karpathian Sea has a lot to offer to divers of every level...

Diving in Karpathos

Scuba diving in the crystal clear blue water that surrounds Karpathos Island is an unforgettable experience for the island visitor. After the change in the relative legislation in 2006, scuba diving is allowed throughout the island and the still virgin Karpathian Sea has a lot to offer to divers of every level.

Shallow reefs full of marine life, shipwrecks waiting to reveal their history, underwater cliffs and walls plunging into the deep blue that are frequently visited by rare marine mammals and other kind of pelagic species, caverns full of color and overhangs that the light creates impressive visual effects are just a few of what the underwater explorer of Karpathos can enjoy.

Karpathos diving center, located in Pigadia, is organizing diving excursions for divers of every level as well as discover scuba diving programs for those that have no prior experience and decide to discover for the first time the endless blue magic.

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The result Kasos harbor underwater clean-up of May 2017


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