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Yes we do know what a backplate and wing is! We understand the value of using standard gases and dive with Nitrox even on a shallow reef dive… We even have a grasp of deco on the fly! With members of the staff trained by Global Underwater Explorers and using DIR practices for all their diving you can be sure that when diving with KDC staff you will always have a “buddy” with a long hose and the situational awareness and skills to use it! We can also help you choose and buy DIR compliant equipment at very competitive prices and guide you through your commitment to excellence!

Backplates, wings, longhosed regulators, double 12s, aluminum stages, deco regs and proper fins are available on request and we can prepare any Trimix and Nitrox mix you wish – just let us know in advance.

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Underwater clean-up Pigadia harbor 2017

The result of the Pigadia harbor underwater clean-up of

Underwater clean-up Kasos harbor 2017

The result Kasos harbor underwater clean-up of May 2017


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