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The newly-built archaeological museum of Karpathos opened in 2005. The oldest finds date back to 4.000 B.C. being Neolithic arrow peaks of obsidian, stone grinders and a stone ax. The Minoan finds include a bronze bracelet, a stone seal, vases, a pottery wheel and more. There are also Mycenaean exhibits, such as cups, utensils, burial urns and vases. The finds of Roman and Byzantine periods include a relief column, mosaics, gold coins, weights, lamps, etc. The most striking exhibit is a tomb from the area of Arkasa which is still intact.

Inside the folklore museum of Othos village you can see a representation of the traditional home ofKarpathos with its rooms, furniture and items of everyday use. There is also a remarkable collection in a similar museum of Menetes village, with photographs, ornaments, textiles, tools and other items.

This outdoor museum is located at the Pyles village and it consists of stone stables, house, windmill, threshing floor, winepress, furnace, etc, as well as farm machinery and tools. Inside the house you can see traditional furniture, pots, decoratives and household items.

A museum with no specific theme, with a variety of historical, folklore and ecclesiastical exhibits. Historical finds include tools, utensils, ceramic everyday items from various periods and agricultural tools. The folklore collection consists of weavings, traditional furniture, home decorations and paintings. Finally, there are a few ecclesiastic exhibits like icons but also entire parts of paleochristianic churches.

Olympos is a scenic mountainous village at the north side of Karpathos where tradition still rules. Here you will see women wearing traditional costumes and you will stroll through the narrow alleys admiring the two-floor stone houses, the little churches and the windmills. As expected, there are taverns with delicious traditional food and fresh local meat. In the village there is a folklore collection with traditional costumes, photographs, etc. In Olympos there is also a great festival that you should not miss.

Karpathos has many remarkable caves with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The most important caves are the Limnioti Cave in Ahata (a bit south of Kyra Panagia), the Cave in Vrykounta (a bit northeast of Olympos) and the Cave of Poseidon close to the town of Karpathos.

It is located in Diafani and its purpose is to inform people regarding the protected area where the Mediterranean monk seal lives. Here there is a lot of information on the cute mammal, like a three dimensional representation of its cave, printed material, photographs, documentaries, etc.

A lovely little church curved in a cave in the Apella area, north of Pigadia. The church is in poor condition but it is worth seeing the 13th century faded murals

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